Ancelle della VisitazioneAncelle della VisitazioneSant’Agostino dice “Se questi e quelli sono arrivati alla santità perché non devo arrivare anch’io?”, sembra che la santità sia per altri. La santità è per tutti. Quindi tutti possiamo arrivare lassù, con buona volontà, coraggio e tutto quello che il Signore ci chiede.3 years fa
Ancelle della VisitazioneAncelle della Visitazione“Prepariamo per ascoltare, per apprendere tutto quello che è buono che bello da vivere quotidianamente”3 years fa



The Servants of the Visitation, by divine inspiration, instituting themselves as a religious Congregation in the Holy Church, felt inwardly to live their apostolic consecration inspired by the Mystery of joy of the VISIT OF MARY TO SAINT ELISABETH, that is to say, “TO LIVE AND TO BEAM IN THE CHURCH AND IN THE WORLD THE MYSTERY OF THE VISIT OF MARY TO ELISABETH“: a true explosion of salvation, of jubilation, of praise to the Lord: Magnificat! They live the mystery of the visitation as an invitation to “go” to meet creatures, to offer, with delicate attention, a service to those in need. JOY is one of the main characteristics of the Servants of the Visitation, who bear witness to the fact that the Christian message is a message of joy by expressing on their faces a constant and serene joy.
This Charism in our society today, is the luminous sign of HUMILITY – FAITH – HOPE and LOVE. The Mystery of the Visitation is a missionary Charism, moreover protection, love, exaltation of life.
The Mystery of the Visitation is a mystery of joy, hope and a proposal for an active and contemplative life.
“The Servants of the Visitation “will be one heart and one soul” with Mary in the Mystery of the Visitation to be:
Bearers of Christ; to give themselves to the generous and joyful service of their brothers and sisters;
To transform their whole life into a “MAGNIFICAT” of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord” (Constitutions art. 42).