Health care Ministry


This service of attention to the physical health of the person has always been a “specific” feature of the Servants of the Visitation.

It is a form of apostolate that immediately expresses the charism of the Institute.

Currently, this health ministry is carried out in various forms:

In the Dispensaries present in Cameroon (Evodula), in Madagascar (Mahitsy), in Kenya (Ol Moran).

In this last mission, the so-called “mobile clinics” are also organized. These consist in going with an equipped ambulance to the outskirts of the savannah to reach the distant people who cannot, for various reasons, reach the dispensary.

In other communities, the Sisters personally visit the sick by going to their families and taking Communion.

In the Mother House of Santa Marinella the main apostolate is that of welcoming and caring for the elderly in the rest home and in the health residence.

In the communities close to public hospitals, the Sisters visit the hospitalized sick, bringing them a word of comfort and hope.