The Mother of the Visitation, whom they chose as their guide and example, always proposes her faith as a gift. Her faith deserves therefore the praise of Elizabeth in the encounter of which the Gospel speaks, and that we are again, every day, every moment called to imitate with an ever new mind and heart. Their encounter is of such extraordinary, mysterious richness that they will never cease to discover and rediscover it in their personal and community journey.
Mary, the first messenger and missionary, appeared in Nazareth serene, calm, reflective, now she is all solicitous, ardent: she is the Virgin of the encounter, of the service, of the announcement of Jesus, of the communication of joy, of the exaltation of God. True lessons of life!
Mary hurries to the mountain. She accepted what the angel told her about Elizabeth as an invitation and ran to her.

Praising God for his gifts is an exhilarating thing. What a great lesson that enchanting “impulse” of Mary’s, of incomparable spiritual beauty!
Mary is now on the streets of the world! Mary will never deny her Yes since she appeared in her “first visitation”.
Mary allows herself to be pushed, and she goes without calculations, without knowing what would happen, only trusting in the love she carries within her. She goes like a joy that spreads, and grows all the more as she communicates. The mystery of the Visitation remains an invitation to go, to meet creatures, to offer with delicate attention a service to those who in any way are in need, perhaps, like Elizabeth.
Mary is the jubilant outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Visiting Elizabeth, making those gestures of communion, that announcement … are inspired by the Spirit because, in Mary, it is Jesus who visits! The Spirit works as a protagonist, provokes the “encounter”, moves Mary to “greet”, makes an outpouring of joy, makes us know and recognize, makes us exult!
Mary is pure transparency of Jesus; towards Elizabeth, Mary behaved like a young woman towards an elderly relative, with acts of affectionate service; but within her, a light shone forth, as from a splendid alabaster.