The ONLUS “Luce del Tabor” takes its name and inspiration from the place of the same name located in Galilee, where the Transfiguration of Jesus took place. This organization is committed to promoting a new civilization, inspired by the values of the Gospel, through the promotion of culture, health and social welfare of those living in the countries of the South of the world.
The ONLUS “Luce del Tabor” was born to support the missionary service of the Servants of the Visitation. To date, educational works have been carried out, such as the school “Magnificat” of Bevalala in Madagascar, thanks to the generous contribution of Prof. Donato Matassino of Avellino, who continues to this day to support the development of the school. Also the Missionary Group in San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO), always through the ONLUS, has contributed and is contributing to the enlargement of the same structure, furthermore it promotes the scholastic education of numerous economically disadvantaged pupils, but also provides for the professional training of some religious in the health, social and pedagogical fields.
Also through the ONLUS, the parish of San Demetrio Martire (SA) has contributed and contributes to the structural growth of the Magnificat school in Madagascar. The same has long been involved in contributing to the construction of single-family homes in the city of Jaiba in Brazil (State of Minas Gerais) and, currently, in the structural expansion of the “Projeto Vida” for adolescents where the Servants of the Visitation operate in the educational field for adolescents.